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The Sociometric Institute has been at it’s present location, 19 West 34th Street, since 1991, providing a professional and accessible practice venue for therapists and related practitioners representing a wide range of therapeutic orientations, disciplines, and practice specialties. The Institute would like to welcome you to view our website and online directory.

This directory includes a list of professionals* who are independent practitioners and have offices at The Sociometric Institute.All therapists are listed in alphabetical order.

Please use the menu on the left under "Therapists" to obtain their contact information, including specialties, insurance, and those who work with adults and individuals, families and couples, adolescents and children, and groups. Also available is a list of bilingual therapists, coaches/mentors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, speech therapists, and those who specialize in the use of hypnosis and body work.

You may also use the search field on the right. We have an extensive tagging system in place, you can search for instance for Bilingual and Aetna to narrow down and target your search.